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If you are lacking money but have doubts about whether a loan is a good solution, we will try to clarify it here. It is not to convince you to take out a loan. However, a loan is not always the best and most sustainable solution. We therefore review several paths you can take to get your finances connected.

Lacking money all the time


If it happens every month that you are missing out on money, then your expenses exceed your income. Here, a loan will not solve your problems. But there is a lot you can do instead.

The first piece of advice for an incoherent economy is that you keep an account. You can download various budget templates online or use free services like Spiir or Good Finance.

These solutions make it easy to get an overview of your own consumption, and you don’t have to collect your boner or spend time typing numbers into a spreadsheet. The various apps and web apps pick it up yourself and help you plan budgets so you don’t have money.

In addition, consider the following:

  • Can you work alongside and get the money you need?
  • Do you have a room or any equipment you can rent out and thus get extra revenue?
  • Do you have the opportunity to reduce some of your expenses?

Get air in the economy with rental


Try to look at what you have and what can be rented out. For example, you may have a room from which you could actually get some extra money. In addition, you can look at what equipment you own and consider renting it out.

You will be surprised how many people rent things like wallpaper dampers, mowers, drills, amplifiers or large barbecues. If you are often missing out on money, consider what you can rent and inform your neighbors or look it up online.

Review your subscriptions


If you often lack money, you may not have been looking at your subscriptions for a long time. Take a look at your phone subscription, internet and TV package, paid apps or gyms, and check the prices of the providers’ competitors.

Sometimes you get a subscription while something is cheap, and then you forget to research the market for new and even cheaper solutions.

It goes undetected how much the prices of one’s subscription have risen and how many new companies are now offering the same at a lower price or even free for some months.

If you can find cheaper solutions then switch to the competitor and save money. If you still lack money, you may want to consider whether you really need all the subscriptions.

Lacking money urgently – Loan opportunities


In this case, a loan may come up. If you are in acute shortage of money with unforeseen bills to pay, there are several loan options you can look into.

First, you can apply for one-time support for unforeseen expenses through borger.dk. This is not a loan and you have to go through a bureaucratic process to get it, but you can always try if you are in short supply of money.

The other option is to take a loan online. It goes fast so you want the money in the account right away or within a day. These loans can be short-term or have a flexible maturity. Therefore, consider when you can repay the loan and look at how much it will cost you.

Loan fast if you need money urgently


The Sean Cole offers fast and easy-to-use loans with installments and exceptionally flexible terms when it comes to repayment.

You can borrow between USD 5,000 and USD 25,000 here and now if you lack money urgently. The interest rate is low and you can borrow with peace of mind. Read more about quick loans at Sean Cole and see if it is the solution for you if you are in need of money urgently.

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